Navigate the web quicker than ever

Usually, when anybody stores dozens of Bookmarks in a suitable application, even in text editor, it is still easy to search and navigate them visually. However, with more items, the task of searching and navigating becomes more difficult. There are many approaches to overcome this problem, some are more successful than others.

QuoBox handles this issue using a combination of five different approaches. Bookmarks are located in graphical units called Groups. Groups can have different colors and can be placed on the Groups Tables based on category. Basically the similar way. The human eye is able to find such Group more easily, than for instance, an item in a tree view or in a list box. That's because Groups do not tend merge visually so quickly.


  • Full and Compact display mode
  • Drag and drop URLs from IE Explorer, Firefox and Netscape
  • No duplicate URLs
  • Broken URLs Checker
  • Automatic URL Info tracking
  • Quick Bookmarks search
  • Import Bookmarks from IE Explorer, Firefox and Netscape.
  • Export QuoBox Bookmarks to html file importable by IE, Firefox, Netscape & Opera
  • Integrated multi-tab browser with Pop-up Blocker
  • Documents stored in encrypted XML format
  • Password protection

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